1 office room. 1 mama cat. 5 kittens. Adorable Paws family.

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Cold winter months and cold weather started. Instead of building a cat house for cats, I made a room of my office a cat house for them. I placed a camera in this room. I will be watching them every moment. Thanks to the iron bars, only cats can enter this room and they will be away from danger. They will be fed daily. And they will sleep in a warm environment. I will soon prepare a mechanism for cats to enter the door and the door is closed and no cold will enter. For now, they will be warmed up with the radiator temperature. #adorablepaws #luckypaws #cutekittens

There are a lot of stray cats and dogs in the area where we live. We help with nutrition, neutering, adoption and housing. Thank you all for your supports.

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