LION vs GORILLA - Gorilla vs Lion | Who can win the real fight? Strongest Animals | Prey vs Predator

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LION vs GORILLA - Gorilla vs Lion | Who can win the real fight? Strongest Animals | Prey vs Predator

Two super wild animals. The lion and the gorilla ( Big Baboon ). Which one do you think can win a possible real fight? Here is the answer to this question!

Lions, the strongest big cats in the world, are more aggressive than gorillas. When they sense a danger, they can react immediately, such as aggression. Lions, the biggest cat after tigers, instill fear with their aggressive nature. Gorillas attract attention with their calm nature. The male gorilla sometimes stands on both legs and punches his chest in anger to maintain authority in his herd. He walks sideways and intimidates his surroundings with his nervous roar. but they are not easily aggressive.

It is one of the most territorial animals among wild animals. For the lion, king of the jungles, it doesn't matter who the enemy is. It protects its territory at the cost of death. Lions, which can hunt even large prey such as elephants, rhinoceros, giraffes and hippo, are very successful in protecting their territories. Gorillas, on the other hand, live in small family groups. However, gorillas are not as good as lions in protecting their territories from predators. However, the gorillas, which are a little more passive than lions, should not be angry.

energy level
When their energy levels are compared, we can say that lions are very energetic wild cats. These incredible cats, who can go a long way in one night, do not get tired easily. Gorillas have slightly lower energy levels compared to lions. They prefer a comfortable rest when they eat their meals. Only gorillas living in Africa attract attention with their muscular body structures.

Hunting skills
When it comes to hunting, lions are number one. It can attack and hunt all kinds of wild animals such as crocodile, wild boar, hyena, deer, zebra, antelope, buffalo, python snake, porcupine with arrow, elephant. That's why lions are the most intelligent and successful predators of the wild. Gorillas, on the other hand, have a very low hunting ability. Gorillas can fight and hunt if they feel danger.

bite force
As one of the most brutal predators in the world, lions have lower biting strength than gorillas. Lions try to show their strength with their muscular structure with claw strokes. However, the bite force of gorillas is quite high. No wild animal wants to be bitten by a silverback mountain gorilla. The bite force of gorillas, which are quite large and hard, is much higher than many wild animals.

It is known that gorillas are very successful in intelligence and quick comprehension. Gorillas are very good at learning and finding solutions to problems. Since lions act as a group, they can divide work among themselves. Lions can move with the group before hunting and use their intelligence successfully. But when it comes to intelligence, gorillas are one step ahead.

We can say that lions are more successful than gorillas in terms of vision. Lions have superior features in terms of vision, due to a more social family structure and close commitment. Gorillas, which attract attention with their muscular and large structures, are known to live with small family groups. However, gorillas still have a lower vision than lions.

The winner of the lion vs gorilla match is the lion. What do you think about this subject? Write in the comments!
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